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      Off-White Slip-On Trainers

      Made using the finest quality Italian pebbled calfskin leather in an eye-catching Off-White finish, these slip-on trainers are as elegant as they are convenient. The interior is lined with Beige Merino shearling, providing comfort and warmth with every step. The light rubber sole enhances this comfort and as the highest-grade raw materials are used for every element of the design, you can rest assured that you’ll be buying luxury trainers that are as stunning as they are functional.


      • Off-White Italian pebbled calfskin leather
      • Beige merino shearling interior
      • White light rubber soles


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      Off-White Slip-On Trainers


        • Italian pebbled calf leather
        • Merino shearling interior
        • Light rubber soles
        • Comes with dust bag
        • Made in Italy


        Smart Luxury Made out of all Natural raw materials, ensuring that we deliver the highest of quality.  We aim is to keep you warm with style.

        Care and Maintenance:

        We use the highest quality Merino shearling in our products.  This is a natural material so some shedding might be expected when worn.  Shearling is light weight and has natural antibacterial properties.  It is naturally thermostatic making it suitable to wear all year round. To keep it as fresh as possible follow these guidelines:

        • Keep away from direct sunlight
        • Store in breathable cloth bags
        • When wet, keep away from heat like blow-dryers – always let air dry naturally
        • Use a wet damp cloth/towel for spot cleaning.
        • Sheepskin is naturally antibacterial due to the substance lanolin it contains, which keeps feet fresh.  However, if slight natural odour develops, a small amount of sprinkled baking soda can be used to refresh them overnight.  The baking soda can be vacuumed the next day.  In the case of strong stubborn odours, you can put them in the freezer for up to 48 hours.

        Shipping & Exchanges/Returns:

        Fursho shoes fit true to size. Please take your normal size. Only available in full sizes, go up to the nearest whole size if you take half a size. Please use the table below to convert between standard size formats. If you have any questions regarding size please contact us on

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